Create communication journeys and unique customer experiences

Get to know your clients for real
Improve your control and learn with data validation
Transform your billing delivery
Provide real communication experiences

Hiperstream helps your company to become more efficient and make your communication more assertive

Our Products

HiperStream Platform combines three products that operate independently but are fully integrated focused on transactional communications, customer experience solutions and data validation automation.

DVA - Data Validation Automation
Practical and configurable solution that enables the automatic validation of all data from all kind of digital sources with precision and assertiveness.
CCM - Customer Communication Management
Connects to any kind of data source and create a single data stream providing an omni-channel communication and data quality solutions for customer transactional communication.
Channel Management Portal
Turn your company website into a true portal with endless possibilities to interact with customers and partners, streamline costs and create new revenue streams.
  • Low Coded Business Rules
  • Self Service Operation
  • Full Data Validation
  • Real time business/operation validation and correction
  • Full operational, business and analytics dashboards
  • Transpromo, Cross marketing and segmentation campaigns
  • Open API integration - CRMs, ERPs, Call Centers, Legacy and Industry Patterns
  • Full visibility
  • Consolidate information with easy access


:hiperstream is a global technology company that was born to transform the way companies communicate with their customers. Through data analysis technology and multichannel communication rules, :hiperstream's clients are able to manage the communication journey integrated with the billing delivery and create a unique relationship experience.

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